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Warranty Term & After-Sale Service

1.Warranty period starting from reception or vehicle examination date which is within one year or within 1000 hour’s operating.(At the expiration of warranty period)
2.Ensure content are at followings:
※Within the warranty period, in accordance with the provisions of the operating instructions,
Under the condition of normal use, if caused by material or manufacturing fault, and confirmed by the company, we can offer you a free repair or service rely on guarantee of the company.
※Such as brakes, abrupt stop switch, switch gear, operating handle parts, and power hour meter warranty period for 3 months or 300 hours guarantee.
3.  Don't fall within the scope of guarantee responsibility at followings:
※Force majeure, damage caused by human factors or other unexpected disasters.
※Not in accordance with the provisions of the instruction for use and operation, the damage caused by improper operation and maintenance.
※Without the consent of the company, not using supply of the spare parts,accessories from the company and cause damages.
※Without the consent of the company, without authorization, add,change design or the damage caused by technical personnel to maintain who is out of our company.
※Normal maintenance and consumable parts such as: All kinds of spring, all kinds of tires, horn, key switch, multi-way valve, chain, micro switch, all kinds of bearings, connectors, fuse, all kinds of power line, oil and other consumable parts is not be covered.
4.  Vehicle over maintenance
When shelf life is over, please contact our company or subsidiaries to communicate about back fee to ensure the long term using and maintain a good condition.
5.  Announcements
Warranty certificate did not cover the company seal or altered are invalid.
Please take good care of the guarantee, if lost connect with the company or the local dealer as soon as possible.
When vehicles in need of maintenance service, please provide us vehicles and nameplate photos if unable to provide we will be seen as expire.

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