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4-direction Electric Reach Truck

Very Narrow Aisle 4-Direction Reach Truck

The EFORK electric 4-direction reach truck is a multi directional forklift that reducing the aisle width needed for long load handling and bulky loads. This narrow aisle forklift features a unique four-directional travel mode that enables outstanding maneuverability and efficiency, and results in increasing storage capacity.

Capable of loading 1500~2500 Kg and lifting to 7200 mm height.



  • Service friendly:Well organized drive motor,controller and pump structures for easy maintenance;
  • Standing-in operation with 4-direction adjustable forward controls;
  • Imported Curtis controller;
  • AC power drive motor with Imported ZF gearbox;
  • Stronger mast beyond your expectation;
  • Electronic steering system;
  • Side removable battery as standard option.




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