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Warmly welcome Chen Wei, secretary of the Feixi County Party Committee, and his party to visit Yufeng Intelligent for investigation

On the morning of September 12, Chen Wei, secretary of the Feixi County Party Committee, and other leaders visited the Feixi headquarters of Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance.

Secretary Chen and his entourage went deep into the assembly workshop, AMR debugging area, AMR and Liku exhibition hall to inspect the project production line and products. Chairman Xiang Weifeng gave a detailed introduction to the core operating conditions of the four major business segments of logistics robots, industrial vehicles, logistics system integration, and intelligent warehousing solutions, and elaborated on future development goals and strategic planning.

▲Xiang Weifeng introduced the basic situation of the company to Chen Wei, Secretary of the Feixi County Party Committee

After listening to the introduction, Secretary Chen made specific inquiries about the performance, functions and core technologies of the various products independently developed by Yufeng Intelligent, and encouraged the company to strive to overcome and master the core key technologies, and to promote the industrial chain and innovation with core technologies The deep integration of chains enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises.

At the end of the inspection, Xiang Weifeng, on behalf of the company, expressed his gratitude to the Feixi County Party Committee and County Government for their great concern and support for Yufeng Intelligent, and stated that the company will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence and ecology, and adhere to the comprehensive "product + solution" Service as the entry point of market demand, while leveraging its years of manufacturing technology accumulation and R&D advantages, integrating advanced technologies such as "artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and industrial Internet" to provide enterprise customers with intelligent solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency, optimize management and improve quality Warehousing core equipment and logistics system integration solutions for the high-quality development of industrial parks Infused with fresh energy.

Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading innovator of logistics robots and intelligent logistics systems in China, focuses on diversified businesses such as intelligent warehousing, intelligent workshops, and platform systems, and is committed to providing customized robot consulting planning and software for various types of customers. A one-stop smart logistics system overall solution that integrates research and development, system integration, intelligent equipment production, electronic control collaborative development, installation and commissioning training, and after-sales operation and maintenance services.

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