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Pallet RGV shuttle is widely used in tobacco, medicine, food and other industries, realizing the automatic handling of all pallet goods in intensive storage three-dimensional warehouse, the rapid transportation of pallet goods, and the loading and storage of goods in functional areas of different regions.

PLC system sends instructions to accurately locate each pickup port through the barcode positioning control mode, carry out the chain transportation and transfer of goods, and transport them to the designated port according to the instructions of the upper computer for warehousing.

Advantages of the RGV Shuttle

■ Fast delivery speed (the maximum no-load speed is 4m/s);

■ Stable operation and accurate parking position(±1mm);

■ Simple control, good reliability, low manufacturing cost, and easy promotion and application;

■ Large load capacity. Suitable accessories can be assembled at the top according to different purposes to meet various application requirements.

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