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EFORK Intelligent

Stacker: the special lifting equipment for the elevated three-dimensional storage unit cargo, which runs in the aisle between the shelves. The stacker is divided into single-column and double-column structures in terms of structure. There are two types of forks: European standard forks and Japanese standard forks, corresponding to different pallet types. For non-standard goods, there can be a modular combination of special access devices and stackers. The stacker can improve the warehouse area and space utilization rate and the operating efficiency of the storage system, with a high degree of automation and reduced manual intervention.

Advantages of the Stacking Equipment

■ Fully automatic or semi-automatic options

■ Precise sorting of full cases on pallets

■ Reduce labor costs in the warehouse

■ Customized scheduling unit to facilitate inventory replenishment

■ High pallet density and low transportation cost

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