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The arrival, unloading, classification, storage, shipment, classification, delivery and other operations of commodities or goods are bound to be carried out through transportation and sorting equipment of different levels of complexity in order to achieve the unloading of these commodities in a short time and the rapid and accurate classification by commodity variety, owner, storage location or delivery location. These commodities will be transported to the designated place (such as the designated shelf, processing area, delivery platform, etc.). At the same time, when the supplier or the owner informs the logistics center to deliver the goods according to the distribution instructions, the automatic sorting system must find the location of the goods to be delivered accurately from the huge high-rise shelf storage system in the shortest time, and deliver the goods according to the required quantity. In addition, different quantities of goods taken from different storage positions are transported to different tally areas or distribution platforms according to different distribution locations, so as to transfer or load distribution and fully realize the rapid transportation and sorting function.
Advantages of the Sorting Equipment

■ Provide consumers with economical and efficient commodity flow;

■ Reduce labor costs through fast and accurate automation;

■ Increased production capacity for manufacturing and distribution;

■ Provides a high level of accountability to accurately track material;

■ Integrate with the latest supply chain technologies;

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