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Intelligent handling platform supports compatible warehouse management system (WMS), manufacturing execution system (MES), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), to meet the individual requirements of various industries.
On-site Intelligent Logistics Solutions
Yufeng Intelligent specializes in the research and development and application of industrial information and intelligent manufacturing execution system、smart material handling and transportation and the research and development and manufacturing and integrated application of smart storage equipment. The application of automation, information technology and smart new industry technology to the automation of production logistics in industrial enterprises (All materials from raw materials to finished products of distribution, sorting, testing, packaging, handling, transportation, storage and manufacturing adopt information management)
Information Systems
The company is associated with the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other domestic cutting-edge mobile robot technology teams, continue to support"Made in China 2025"; The smart handling robot covers standardized unmanned handling vehicles and customized non-standard unmanned handling vehicles.
AGV Product Series
At present, Yufeng has launched 4 sets of domestic mainstream AGV systems, navigation technology covers laser, SLAM, visual image, inertial navigation, etc. The series of products include: laser beacon integrated autonomous navigation AGV, laser, beacon, natural environment integrated autonomous navigation AGV, visual natural environment autonomous navigation AGV, Two-dimensional code inertial navigation fusion autonomous navigation AGV
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Navigation System
EFORK launched the domestic mainstream AGV integrated system at present,The navigation technology covers laser, SLAM, visual image, inertial navigation etc.
Yufeng intelligent warehouse management system is a multi-functional warehouse software with AGV as the core, and its functions mainly included three sub-modules: Ex- warehouse management, in-warehouse management and stock control. When entering the warehouse, AGV will move the goods to the designated warehouse location automatically, and the dynamic data of the overall inventory attributes will be connected in real time. When leaving the warehouse, AGV will move the goods from the designated warehouse location to the designated exit according to the command automatically, Realize the true sense of unmanned smart "handling - storage" modern factory.
Team Activity / Updated Cases / Project Status
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