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Laser SLAM Side Fork AGV

Laser SLAM Side Fork AGV
  • Laser SLAM Side Fork AGV
  • Brand:EFORK
  • Product Model:EDC10
Product Description:
The car body is thin, narrow aisles operation, the overall width is reduced by 76% compared with the three-way forklift AGV, the loading capacity is 300kg, the lifting height can reach 4m, the action is fast and flexible, and is not limited by the site, so as to realize the most efficient material operation in the production process, which greatly improves the capacity of the intelligent warehouse. From the perspective of model structure and cost, ECA03J-40 also perfectly fits the needs of the small and medium-sized vertical warehouse stacking market. 
Product Picture:

Product Data:
Navigation Mode Fusion Navigation
Communication Mode wifi/5G
Rated Load Capacity 300kg
Lifting Height 4000mm
Fork Expansion Distance 950mm
Orientation Accuracy ±10mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 30mm
Charging Method Automatic + manual
Driving Direction Forward, back, and turn
Battery Info 24V150Ah
Laser ObstacleAvoidance YES
Remote Emergency Stop YES
Mechanical collision avoidance YES
Alarm Mode Light Alarm, Voice Alarm
Driving Method Steering Wheel Drive
Minimum pick-up height 350mm
Load Center 400mm
Stacking channel (Pallet 800x800)
Move Speed 1.0m/s
MinimumTurning Radius 1130mm
Overall Size (length / width) 1518/823mm
Self Weight 1250kg
Vehicle Projection Area 1.26㎡
Note: The width data of the stacking passage do not include safety distance. The above parameters are for reference only. Understanding is appreciated if technical changes are not notified.
Product Video:
Details Advantages:
●"7 * 24-hour" uninterrupted operation: equipped with automatic charging system, realize 24-hour unmanned operation, optimize operation process, shorten logistics time and improve overall work efficiency.
●SLAM laser navigation method: SLAM natural navigation is adopted, and the in-position accuracy can reach ±10mm.
●Cargo feeding direction sensing: the cargo feeding direction adopts precise fork self-adjustment and self-adjustment matching, which realizes automatic adaptation to the target cargo and eliminates accumulated errors.
●Compact design: the whole machine is small and slim, and the small turning radius can better meet the customer's working scene and maximize the storage capacity.
●Flexible scheduling: seamless access to third-party scheduling systems. 
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