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Anhui Yufeng Industrial Design Center passed the 2022 provincial certification announcement

A few days ago, the official website of the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the "2022 (Ninth Batch) Provincial Industrial Design Center Identification List and Review Results", and Anhui Yufeng Industrial Design Center was on the list! This identification is for Anhui Yufeng High recognition of industrial design level and ability!

The provincial industrial design center has gone through the procedures of enterprise declaration, city review and recommendation, preliminary review, expert review, etc., and finally a group of industrial designs with strong innovation ability, distinctive features, standardized management, outstanding performance and development level have been identified by the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology An enterprise industrial design center or an industrial design enterprise that occupies a leading position in various industries in the province.

Anhui Yufeng Industrial Design Center introduces and trains high-level talents in the field of smart logistics. The company focuses on building a design team with higher business level and stronger innovative design capabilities. The School of Urban Construction of the University of Architecture and Architecture jointly built a "2+1+1" talent joint training base to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of technology research and development, talent training, etc., which improved the efficiency of research and development of enterprises and the overall R&D and innovation capabilities of enterprises.

As one of the few original manufacturers in the industry with the ability to develop smart logistics systems and design and manufacture logistics robots. Anhui Yufeng Industrial Design Center has always deeply integrated new technologies in industrial design with cutting-edge technologies in the industry to stimulate the vitality of industrial design innovation, give full play to the supporting and leading role of industrial design in the company's development, and integrate industrial design throughout the product life cycle. Up to now, the company has nearly 100 patents, and has been awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Hefei Storage Intelligent Loading and Unloading Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center". The identification of "Anhui Provincial Industrial Design Center" is a full affirmation of the company's design innovation ability, design level and design value, and marks that the company's industrial original design ability and innovation level have reached a new level. At present, industrial design has become the source and core driving force of enterprise competition, and an important weapon for the continuous development and continuous innovation of enterprises. In the future, Anhui Yufeng will continue to focus on improving technology research and development capabilities and levels, continuously increase investment in industrial design and R&D innovation, continue to promote the development of industrial intelligence, and build the company's industrial design center into a company with strong innovation capabilities, distinctive features, and management. A scientific and technological innovation carrier with standardization and outstanding performance lays the foundation for the identification of a national industrial design center.

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