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Explosion proof unmanned forklift AGV

Explosion proof unmanned forklift AGV
  • Explosion proof unmanned forklift AGV
  • Brand:EFORK
  • Product Model:CDD10J-10-F1505
Product Description:
Yufeng Intelligent has developed a new explosion-proof laser guided stacking AGV for the pharmaceutical industry, which has been successfully applied in the AGV project of a large biotechnology company. On the premise of meeting the requirements of heavy load transportation of products into and out of narrow closed boxes for cargo transfer, this project not only needs to develop AGV with explosion-proof capability, but also needs to make all relevant equipment such as navigation facilities, communication facilities meet the corresponding explosion-proof standards and provide effective explosion-proof certificates. Yufeng Intelligent carried out in-depth technical exchanges and cooperation with explosion-proof manufacturers based on its own characteristics. Through the reasonable optimization of the layout of explosion-proof components in the vehicle, the size of explosion-proof AGV did not change much compared with non explosion-proof AGV, thus ensuring the applicability of explosion-proof AGV; Through reasonable selection, the cost of the whole AGV system was controlled, and finally provided customers with satisfactory explosion-proof AGV equipment.
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Product technology highlights:

1. There are many AGV components, including navigation components, charging brush plate and other supporting electrical components in addition to conventional drive electrical appliances. After investigation and discussion, the explosion-proof transformation of AGV was carried out by means of flameproof and intrinsically safe assembly;

2. The bottom floor drive electric appliance adopts explosion-proof motor, reducer with IP65 protection level and other components that meet explosion-proof requirements;

3. Explosion proof control cabinet is adopted for the car body, and the control components are integrated in the explosion-proof control cabinet, but the components that cannot be set in the explosion-proof control cabinet are selected to meet the explosion-proof requirements;

4. The optical navigation sensor, optical communication sensor, lithium battery and charging brush plate shall be explosion-proof transformed to ensure that the explosion source is isolated from the outside during use.

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