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Stacking type agv (indoor and outdoor turnover)

Stacking type agv (indoor and outdoor turnover)
  • Stacking type agv (indoor and outdoor turnover)
  • Brand:EFORK
  • Product Model:CDD-J
Product Description:
AGV action process of raw material outbound: the outbound process creates an outbound task list through the task issued by EFORK wms and dispatches AGV to move the goods from shelf area 2 to the outbound area 3 of another factory, and the outbound task is completed.

Empty bin process: After cutting the cloth, the customer places the empty bin at the designated position No. 4, and then sends a return order to the warehouse through PDA to return the empty bin No. 4 to the warehouse No. 2.

If there is an empty position in position 1, manually call AGV through PDA to move the empty bins in warehouse area 2 to area 1.

Product Picture:

Product Data:
1、AGV dead weight: ≤ 2000kg;
2、AGV maximum driving speed: 60m/min, speed regulation range: 0-60m/min stepless adjustable;
3、Picking method: picking and releasing for the first time;
4、Travel direction: forward, backward and turning;
5、Maximum lifting load of AGV: 1000kg;
6、Stop precision of AGV station point: ± 30mm;
7、AGV lifting accuracy: ± 20mm;
8、AGV lifting height: 2500mm;
9、AGV working mode: automatic and manual mode;
10、AGV communication mode: wireless WIFI communication;
11、Equipment color: EFORK orange;
12、Laser reflective column: reflective column diameter: 90mm; Reflector length
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