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High-performance and More Reliable
High-performance and More Reliable
1. Because of CURTIS electric control. So we have multiple automatic protection system controllers. Such as reliable quality, excellent performance and have function of regenerative braking and reverse braking.
2. World-class hydraulic pressure station, low noise, small vibration, sealed well, ascending and descending is stable without impact whether full load or no-load. So our lifting frame has good speed regulation performance.
3. We use back pull pattern lifting design, not easy to cause deformation, pull rod connected with the front wheel shaft is not easy to wear, more reliable to lift.
4. The car is flanked by auxiliary universal wheel to ensure stability of the vehicle.
5. Built-in charger, so it has highly autonomy.
6. Sturdy and durable, highly efficient and stable components to ensure the durability of vehicles. 
7. Automatic lifting limit, safety, and energy conservation
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